Breugel in detail

Iets wat ik helemaal van het internet heb geplukt maar u zeker niet wil onthouden 🙂

22 fascinating details you probably never noticed on bruegels the tower of babel


The distant view

1. A castle, a river a windmill, meadows, and mountains.

2. Travelers are heading towards the tower.

3. Vegetable gardens are visible behind the wall.


4. A cart is going over a bridge while women are doing laundry in the river next to a little windmill.

5. There is a well next to the river, and people are planting something in the vegetable garden.

The middle distance

6. Blacksmith’s shops are standing near the tower.

7. Some people are resting or sleeping, while others are, well, doing their business.

8. Workers on the lower level are daubing plaster on a wall.

9. Lorries with building materials are going uphill.

10. Carts are soon to be loaded.

11. A raft.

12. A discharge of ships.

13. Houses and vegetable gardens.

14. Cows in the meadow and travelers who are heading towards the town.

The tower

15. The tower is being built for so long that there are people living on the construction site: some of them are taking care of their flower gardens, some are putting linen out to dry, and some are cooking lunch over the fire.

16. One floor up we can see just about the same thing.

17. The workers.

18. More workers.

The foreground

19. The masons.

20. The heavy lifters.

21. Nimrod — a biblical king who ordered the Tower of Babel to be built.

22. The workers.

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